Lifestyle Modification For Weight Loss

healthy food2Many fad diets may promise you easy and quick weight loss.

But how many of them have promised that you will retain them life long.

As we all know and are aware that for permanent healthy weight loss the only way is exercise and certain modifications in our lifestyle.

You need to make few changes in your eating habits and lifestyle to have a healthy weight loss which will not happen in a day, it will take time.

Read on few strategies that you can use to make changes in your lifestyle.

  • Don’t change your eating habits completely overnight: Stick to the same diet that you are following by gradually introducing healthy foods in them by substituting your high calorie foods. For example, if your daily morning breakfast is white bread omelets then initially start having a brown bread omelet and then as you get used to brown bread start having egg white omelet or boiled egg white along with it.
  • Eat little and often: This is the best way to lose weight and to not get into food cravings. Have small frequent meals. This will not allow your body to convert excess energy into fat and neither will it let you starve.
  • Don’t get obsessed with your weighing scale: Do not check your weight every now and then. You may be losing or gaining water. Rather check the fat loss by some fat measuring machines or by the clothes you wear.
  • Motivate yourself: No one can help you if you can’t help yourself. Motivate yourself and take help from closed ones to keep you motivated by giving positive comments.
  • Set a realistic goal: Weight loss happens only with time. Aim at losing 1 to 2 pounds a week. Don’t set goals that you may not be able to achieve; it may lead you to depression. Make it a point that you are burning 1000 calories more than you are consuming daily.
  • Don’t use food as reward: Reward yourself when you achieve your goals, but take care that you are not using food as a reward.
  • Stay active: Dieting alone can’t help you lose weight. Exercise plays an equally important role. Make it a point to do some kind of aerobic activity at least 40-45 minutes a day.
  • Make permanent lifestyle changes: Changing your eating habits and exercising for few weeks’ won’t work. Find out reasons that helped you put on weight and irradiate them from your diet completely.
  • Don’t overdo things: Maintain a moderation in whatever you do rather than following a strict diet and harsh workout patterns. Eat everything in moderation. This will help you stick to your goals in the longer run.
  • Stay happy: Lifestyle changes takes lots of efforts and determination. Sort out any problems in your life and then start your weight loss regime. Research has already proved that depression leads to overeating.

It is not that easy to make changes in your lifestyle. Imagine yourself in that good shape that you want to achieve and it will automatically lead you to your ultimate goal. You have to first dream to achieve something.