John Goodman Loses 100 Pounds – How?

Another celebrity to hit the headlines for his remarkable weight loss is John Goodman (best known for his role in TV show Roseanne and his portrayal of the iconic comic character Fred Flintstone) and his 100 pound weight loss.

So how did he lose 100 pounds? According to reports, he did it the slow old fashioned way: diet restrictions and exercise! According to Goodman, he changed his diet, watched what he ate and exercised and the weight came off.

We often do over look this simple fact of weight loss that it is possible to keep it simple and actually lose weight without going in for a bunch of much hyped ‘programs’, diet pills, supplements, fancy sounding diets and in extreme cases, surgery as well.

It is important to form a will to do something about a situation and resolving that your health and perhaps your appearance as well are important enough to work hard for.

Then it is important to figure out, that given your current weight, what is the most sensible place to start and then figuring out what works for you.

A further resolve is required to stick to the plan; and remembering that with weight loss if dramatic results are not seen right away, one need not lose heart. Slow and steady is preferable to fast and unhealthy weight loss.