I Need to Lose Weight – Make This Your Mantra

If you find yourself frequently articulating the words I need to lose weight (How Many Calories Counter), even to yourself, then you know that weight loss is not easy. If you’ve tried all kinds of different weight loss programs and diets, then you know that the weight comes back after a bit.

So if you’ve determined that you need to lose weight, make the words “I need to lose weight” your mantra. Orient your life towards this central goal and start to live by these golden rules for weight loss:


1. Find out the calorie deficit you need to create

A useful place to start your weight loss program is to consult a calorie calculatorthat will tell you how many calories you need to cut from your current intake.

The calculation is based on your current weight and your target weight. The key is to create a caloric deficit so that the body has to draw on its fat stores to continue to function normally.

2. You cannot ‘go’ on a diet and then come off it

If you frequently tell yourself, I need to lose weight and have tried different things and then seemed to get back to square one, then you know this – you cannot go on a diet, lose weight and then go off your diet.

You have to start to eat healthy for life if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

3. There is no substitute for healthy eating

All of the so called “healthy” foods, the “free from” (salt, sugar, fat) foods will not work to help you lose weight. Just concentrating on consuming lots of natural vegetables and fruits, unprocessed and unrefined whole grains and quality protein is healthy eating.

The rule of thumb is to keep your intake as close as possible to what nature intended – the less processing, refinement it undergoes the better. The fewer preservatives and additives the better!

4. You “have” to exercise

If your weight loss regime doesn’t include exercise, then quite simply it is incomplete. Exercise is not just for weight loss; it is for your continuing good health.

5. “Pills” do not work

No matter what they promise, weight loss and diet pills simply do not work. They may pander to yourneed to lose weight mantra, but in the long run they harm your health and mess with your body.

6. Do it for your health and wellbeing

What is your motivation when you say I need to lose weight? Is it to look good? Is it for your self esteem? It may be for all of this, but also make weight loss about your health and wellbeing.