How To Achieve Ideal Body Weight With Proper Weight Management?

Ideal Body WeightHow to acquire an ideal body weight? There is no need to buy any fitness equipment or weight loss pills.

You can acquire an ideal body weight by making small changes in your diet.

The vital goal of any weight management program is to bring your weight within the ideal body weight and to maintain your weight within that range.

The ideal body weight for men and women would be: “Ideal body weight + or – 2”. This ideal body weight depends on your gender, height and body frame size.

If your weight is more than ideal body weight then the weight management usually revolves around diet modifications and exercise (Physical activities for weight management).

How to achieve successful weight management?

You can achieve successful weight loss by following both nutritional and behavioral approach. Your diet should be well balanced and it must be suitable for your body’s particular needs. For effective results you can also include exercise along with dietary changes.

Dietary changes:

The main goals of diet changes in achieving ideal body weight include: correcting unhealthy food habits, maintaining good nutritional status, and bringing a gradual weight loss. In order to achieve these goals here are the suitable diet changes which you need to be made (Healthy diet plan).

Alcohol: In recommended conditions you may consume alcohol in limited amounts. Here you need to look of the calorie contribution, which is 7 cal per gram of alcohol.

Carbohydrates: Your body will get 60 percent of the energy from carbohydrates. You need to consume complex carbohydrates like starch and dietary fiber. You should limit the sugar intake.

If you are taking 1500 cal of diet then 900 cal should come from carbohydrates and you will get this by eating 225 grams of carbohydrates.

Diet and feeding patterns: The satiety values of diet are extremely important to give a feeling of satisfaction and well being.

You need to consume large quantities of fibrous fruits and vegetables, protein foods, whole grains and cereals. They provide satiety and thus help to reduce the food intake.

Energy: You need to limit the energy intake to achieve ideal body weight. If you decrease the energy intake by 1000 cal then you can lose up to 1 kg weight in one week and if you reduce the energy intake by 500 cal then you can lose up to ½ kg weight in a week.

For a woman to achieve an ideal body weight he needs to consume 1000-1200 cal and for a man it will be 1500-1800 cal. If you are overweight then you need to reduce 500 cal from your daily intake to achieve healthy body weight. If you are obese then you need to reduce 1000 cal.

You can also determine the energy intakes based on your body weight and activity.

Energy requirements

(Cal/kg Ideal body weight/day)




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Fats: You need to limit the fat intake to achieve ideal body weight. Your body will get 20 percent of total energy from fats. You need to take care of which type of fat you are consuming. If you are taking 1500 cal diet then 300 cal must come from fat and you will get this by eating 33 grams of fat.

Proteins: You need to increase the intake of proteins than the normal amounts. Proteins give a feeling of satiety and also help to maintain a good nutritional status. 20 percent of the total energy must be obtained from proteins.

If you are consuming 1500 cal diet in a day 300 cal must come from proteins. To get this amount you need to eat 75 grams proteins.

Benefits of maintaining ideal body weight:

  • Maintaining an ideal body weight can significantly reduce the risk of a number of diseases and conditions such as diabetes, depression and heart diseases.
  • A healthy body weight can also improve overall quality of your life.

By following the above dietary changes you can acquire successful weight loss.