How Oolong Tea Aids In Weight Loss?

oolong teaWhen it comes to teas, green tea is not the only one that provides weight loss benefits; teas like black tea, oolong tea and even white tea also go a long way to doing this.

Surprising though it may sound, all these teas are derived from the same plant, called Camillia Sinensis.

For instance, green tea is pulled out and then dried, while oolong tea is oxidized and dried afterwards, which is why oolong tea looks so dark.

Weight loss benefits of oolong tea:

  • Oolong tea is healthy to drink because of the polyphenols in it. Polyphenols function similar to antioxidants in your body. As tea adds no calories, polyphenols make it a good beverage for dieticians. As the tea is high in polyphenols, it is nutrient-dense. It is a known fact that any diet rich in nutrients can promote healthy weight loss. Also, polyphenols block dietary fat from entering into your body.
  • The other benefit of oolong tea is the caffeine in it. Caffeine is a stimulant that helps your body lose weight. Oolong tea doesn’t have high caffeine levels, so it works slowly.
  • Studies show that oolong tea boosts fat-burning capability and increases the metabolism.
  • Drink oolong tea whenever you desire, eat a healthy diet and do regular workouts and you will be well on your way for successful weight loss.