Hot Peppers To Aid Weight Loss

Researchers are now saying that there are certain foods that can actually help to ‘burn’ calories and fat and this was seen in a recent study. There is a compound found in peppers, called capsaicin that was seen to do the trick for dieters in the study.

Capsaicin or the compound called dihydrocapsiate or DCT is not as hot as jalapeno peppers but is a pepper like compound that could be seen to have the effect of heating up the body to help in burning fat and calories better.

hot pepperAccording to study author David Heber, MD, PhD, founding director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, this compound DCT, was seen to cause an increase in the amount of calories that were burnt after a test meal.

Women weighing about 110 pounds were seen to burn 100 extra calories and men weighing 200 pounds burnt 200 extra calories a day. DCT capsules or placebos were introduced along with the meals of subjects; those who received the actual capsule showed greater heat production and energy expenditure.

Earlier as well, studies have demonstrated the premise that capsaicin in hot peppers can help to boost the metabolism. The compounds found in these hot foods were also seen as being something of an appetite suppressant.

Source: Web MD