Healthy Ways to Lose Weight and Prevent it from Coming Back

Weight loss programs are like fashion trends that come and go – exercise programs that interfere with your schedule and preferences; diet programs that skip almost everything in your diet to programs that fill it in with diet supplements. But, there are sure and healthy ways to lose weight that will allow you to get rid of the excess pounds and inches without compromising your health.

healthy ways to lose weightIf you want to lose weight and keep it from coming back, you have to work at it daily. You also have to consider making a drastic change in your eating habits and lifestyle. With determination and hard work you can lose weight the healthy way.

Tips to Lose and Maintain your Ideal Weight

Cut Down on the Junk

Junk foods contain so much sodium and preservatives that stimulate accumulation of water and toxins in your body. Stop eating outside where you are tempted to drink soda and foods loaded with food preservatives and enhancers.

Instead eat home prepared foods with fewer preservatives. This way you will practice healthy ways of losing weight. One effective way to cut down on junk is to stop including them in your grocery bag.

Eat Healthy

Healthy eating means more color on your plate. Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and cut down on too much red meat. Eat at least 2 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetable per day to load on fiber, vitamins and minerals. When you do this regularly, you will get used to the healthy ways to lose weight.

Learn Food Substitution/Exchange

The principle of food substitution is to replace one food item with another one. In the case of healthy ways to lose weight, it means exchanging junk food for a healthy one. An example of this is to exchange soda for a single serving of a seasonal fruit or substituting fish for a pork dish.

Calorie Watch

One of the healthy ways to lose weight is to keep the calorie intake on check. Stick to the one serving policy and eat slowly. It takes more time for the digestive system to send the signal to your brain that you are full; so give it some time to do its job. You can also check out the recommended food sizes and servings to compute for your daily calorie intake.

Small Frequent Feeding

Another healthy way to lose weight is to eat more often in small amounts. Remember, it is very important not to skip on your breakfast. If you eat frequently in small amounts your metabolism is kept working; plus, you will not go very hungry that makes you eat more food. Do not deprive yourself from eating your favorite chocolate cookie or ice cream. The secret is to eat it in a small portion or serving that will serve as your reward.

Don’t Skip on Your Exercise Program

The best and healthy way to lose weight and to keep the excess pounds and inches away is to keep your regular exercise program. Once you have built momentum, never skip on them. In fact, it will help if you keep challenging yourself every once in a while. You can alternate exercise activities to prevent the plateau. Continue to increase the length of your exercise time or increase in weight if you are doing strength training exercises.