FTO Gene Responsible For Weight Gain

weight gainEven the most minor differences in a gene can account for suppression of metabolism, thus making its ability to run at a faster pace difficult leading to slow and lazy metabolic performance.

On the other hand, energy is consumed faster in thin people. Scientists claim that the FTO gene is the prime cause of weight gain and that it is genetic differences that are the cause.

It has been observed that those who have a high occurrence of this gene weigh more on average than those who have a slightly lower occurring version of this gene.

Various experiments have been conducted on mice using FTO which have concluded that mice that do not have the FTO gene also remain thin and are successful in burning up calories at a faster rate than those that have the gene.

This has made people ponder the idea that FTO could be responsible for restricting the amount of energy let out as heat, i.e. the amount of calories you burn.

A major breakthrough with this study could serve as a precursor for a new line of treatments for obesity.

Many doctors have said that a concrete finding in this area could lead to manufacturing of drugs that monitor and control the activities of FTO.

They strongly support the hypothesis that FTO affects human body in a much more complex manner in both food intake and expenditure of energy and there is now a lot of ongoing study as to how FTO exactly affects the human body.