For The Ladies – How Not To Lose Weight ‘There’

Ladies often find that they have been able to achieve quite a satisfactory amount of weight loss. However this weight loss can often mean that there is a weight in one place that no woman wants to lose weight and she may well go down a cup size of two. So how is it possible to lose weight but not from the breasts?

Firstly don’t starve: A very low calorie, low fat diet will mean that your body is losing its fat reserves and breast tissue is composed on mainly fat.

Also if you lose weight very fast, you are likely to lose weight in your chest area. For breasts not to lose weight; calorie intake should not be abnormally low and weight loss ought not to be very fast.

Concentrate on certain exercises: In order not to lose weight from the breasts, it is important to concentrate on building chest muscle. Weights of course are an excellent way to do this.

Do 2 to 3 sets of about 8 reps of a heavy weight that targets the chest muscles. Ideally this should be done three to four times a week. Do exercises such as pushups, which are also very good for building chest muscles.