Can Food Steaming Help In Weight Loss?

There many posts published on the internet regarding weight loss. Different types of diets and experiments can be found everywhere. But what about steamed food? Have you ever thought of eating just steamed food? Steaming vegetables and eating them can really help you in weight loss and it can provide more nutrients too. Irrespective of the cooking method, vegetables have always helped in weight loss but when you choose this method of cooking your veggies then how do they help?

Can Food Steaming Help In Weight Loss?

Fewer Calories With Rich Fiber Content

When you choose vegetables there are different ways to eat them. It is recommended to eat more vegetables for its nutrients and fiber. Fiber keeps us full for long time and nutrients are very essential for our day to day life. What more? These are low in calories which is what we need to lose weight. Coming to the cooking method these can be cooked in different ways and can be prepared using different recipes to get different taste. They can be boiled, stir fried, steamed, stews and can also be eaten directly as salads. For a change there are vegetables which can be eaten with some butter or fat dressings too. Celery tastes good with some peanut butter layered on it and baby corn also taste good with some fat dressing. There many options to choose from. So, when you choose to eat steamed vegetables they provide more nutrients and less calories.

Easy To Cook

When you choose to steam vegetables it is very easy to cook. You just need vegetables and some water. Vegetable steamers are available for cheaper price these days. You can also cook rice in this. Suppose you choose to steam broccoli, you just need a couple of minutes and then you can take it out. You can add some spice to it for taste. You can eat these veggies directly or eat as side dish with rice or a big size dinner to add more nutrients to your meal. This will cut down calories and increase nutrient value.

Eat More Food

As we already said vegetables are very low in calories due to which you can more food and still lose weight. You count the calories and find that you can still eat more. For example if you eat a cup of steamed broccoli, you get 31 calories. So, this means even if you eat 3 cups of broccoli you still get only 93 calories. This is why vegetable soups are so popular. This will keep you full satisfying your satiety. You can also add meat or chicken as well. Let’s compare different cooking methods in terms of calories. A bowl of steamed veggies will give 207cal, baked veggies will give 323.8cal and fried veggies will give 378.8cal.

Sauces To Make It Savory

As the calorie count is so low you can add sauces to make it tastier. Usually these are added to vegetables to make them savory. Add some sauce to steamed vegetable to add some protein to it. Try adding cheese to broccoli and that will make it easier to eat. It may be difficult for children to eat this; so, adding little sauce to it will help them have it. Those who are eating steamed food for the first time also find it difficult to eat and so this tip might be helpful for them too encouraging to eat it more.

Most of Nutrients Utilized

The cooking method has a major role to play in weight loss. When you choose steaming you don’t use oil which means this has low fat. Moreover this method has proved to provide most of the nutrients from the vegetables with very less nutrient loss. Moreover these are easy to digest compared to other methods.

Vegetables that can be steamed are beans, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, radish, etc.

Boost With Protein & Carbohydrates

You can boost your meal with some protein adding chicken. People prefer steamed chicken as well in addition to steamed vegetables. We have compared cooking methods for vegetables in terms of calories. Let’s do the same for chicken. One piece of chicken if steamed will give 37.1cal, if baked will give 59.9cal and if fried will give 145.2cal. You might be surprised to see this difference in numbers. That is why steaming is one of the best method to cook.

If you want you can add eggs instead of chicken. Many prefer having more protein and micronutrients avoiding carbohydrates which can cause health issues later on. So, it’s always recommended to have carbohydrates as well. Add some cereals to meal and make it a balanced food while losing weight with the same.