Eat More Often And Lose Weight

Lose WeightOne of the easiest ways to lose weight and shed those pounds quickly is by watching your portions and eating often throughout the day.

Even if you aren’t hungry when you wake up, start the day by eating something with fiber and protein, something like oatmeal or yogurt and fiber.

About 1½ to two hours later eat something else like a banana. A few hours later snack on hummus and veggies such as cucumbers or tomatoes. For lunch have whatever you want within reason but watch your portion size.

Fortunately if you have been watching your portions and eating often throughout the morning you won’t be hungry for a large lunch. By eating small portions throughout the morning your metabolism will be increased and you will feel fuller faster. [portion control]

During the afternoon you will still want to snack every 1½ to two hours and you will stop eating with dinner. Again you won’t be hungry for a large portion of dinner as you have been eating all day. In combination with watching your portions and eating throughout the day you will definitely notice some weight loss within several days to a week.

The weight loss will come from an increased metabolism as well as the fact that you actually will be eating much less than you normally did.

Even though you feel like you are eating all the time, the more used to this your body gets the less you will eat at a sitting because you will be fuller faster. What better way to lose weight than by eating?