Drink Water To Lose Weight

Drink water to lose weight – it is that simple, according to new research. Drinking moderate amounts of water can actually help you lose weight, says the latest research which examined the effect of water on weight loss.

lose weightResearchers at the Virginia Tech found that those subjects who started each meal with two glasses of water or 16 oz of water, lost 5 pounds more, over a 12 week period, than those who did not drink that amount of water.

For a while now, we have been told that water has appetite suppressing properties and that it quenches the thirst to prevent you from reaching out for the calorific, sugar laden drinks. And now we have the scientific evidence to back this claim.

This study is also able to demonstrate that the average American does in fact drink less water than he or she should be and that the water is often substituted by high calorie drinks.

However, it is important to keep in mind that drinking too much water is also not good for weight loss, and in fact in rare cases could be fatal, since drinking too much water could actually lower the sodium levels in the body very drastically. Two glasses with every meal however, is advisable.