Busting Some Weight Loss Myths – Part 2

weight loss mythWe talked about some weight loss myths in our last post. Here are some more weight loss myths that you should know:

1. There are no bad foods, so long they are had in moderation. Not so, there are things that are just bad for you, even in small quantities. Simple sugars and certain fats actually have you craving for more, and so should be avoided.

2. Special diets/exercises can get rid of cellulite. That orange peel effect is just fat below the skin, and if you have an effective weight loss plan, then that is the only thing that will help you get rid of cellulite.

3. Dietary fat keeps you feeling satiated and is therefore good. It is protein, and whole grains that gives you the sense of fullness and satisfaction rather than sugar or fat.

4. Eating slowly can help you eat less food. The body’s hormones take a long time to signal satiety; so this one may not be true. It is best to eat at the speed that allows you to enjoy your food.

5. Drinking water before a meal makes you eat less. In fact it is eating foods high in water content that help one feel full.

6. Healthy food is expensive. Eating healthy whole foods can turn out to be cheaper than processed and fast foods; the key is to know where to shop and how one shops.