Busting Some Weight Loss Myths – Part 1

There are certain myths that have become gospel in the weight loss business, simply because people like to believe that there is an easy short cut to weight loss and good health, when actually there isn’t.

weight loss mythsSo here are some weight loss myths that you should know, are just that – myths:

1. Carbs are fattening. It is simple carbs, with empty calories that are harmful. Complex carbs that offer sustained energy release are actually necessary for the body and should be part of any healthy diet.

2. Low carb diets help get rid of calories from the body. If you eat less carbs then you are eating fewer calories in any case. Add to this the fact that this could cause the body to lose more water, leading to weight loss, and weight loss through dehydration is not the healthy kind.

3. Eating late at night is bad for you. It depends upon what you eat – if it’s simple sugars, then yes it’s bad for you but protein and veggies before bed may actually up your metabolism and help you.

4. Eat only when you’re hungry. This will mean irregular and erratic eating which is really not good for you. Regular healthy eating through the day is actually better for you.