Avoiding Weight Gain During The Holidays

A recent study says that the average holiday weight gain for Americans is 1 pound. But there are ways you can avoid that all together.

Here’s some surprisingly easy ways to enjoy the season without expanding your waist line.

  • Be physically active every day. During the holidays, many of us change our regular exercise routine. Physical activity can not only burn calories, it can regulate appetite and help relieve holiday stress.
  • Focus on weight maintenance instead of weight loss during the holidays. This is not the time to diet. Trying to maintain your current weight is a big enough challenge. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic goals for yourself.
  • Plan on NOT dieting after the New Year. When you plan on losing weight after the holidays, you could set yourself up for binge eating.
  • Eat a light snack before going to holiday parties. It’s not a good idea to arrive at a party hungry. That makes you more likely to overeat and less likely to resist higher fat/higher calorie foods. Try eating a piece of fruit, some yogurt or a slice of cheese before you go.

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