Are You Making These Weight Loss Mistakes – Part 2

We looked at some common weight loss mistakes that are made in part one of this post; let’s look at some more:

Not exercising: Even if in the short run you do end up losing weight with calorie restriction only, this is not healthy weight loss. You will have ended up losing a lot of lean muscle here if you have not been working out along with restricting calories.

Also severe calorie restriction actually causes the body to horde calories and prevent weight loss; so is counterproductive by itself.

Not drinking enough water: Very often we mistake thirst for hunger and eat something when all that the body was asking for, was water!

And not drinking enough water is bad for the body in a number of different ways.

Artificial Sweeteners: They may claim not to have any calories, but they may interfere with metabolic pathways and interrupt body processes that could interfere with weight loss.

Not customizing your diet: Research has shown that there are those who benefit from a low carb diet and others who benefit from a low fat diet. You should find out what kind of metabolism you have and what sort of diet you can benefit from.