Are You Making These Weight Loss Mistakes – Part 1

You may be doing all that the weight loss manuals say, and working out, even counting calories faithfully, but perhaps you are not seeing the weight loss results that you should be? Well it could be that you are making some common weight loss mistakes; read on to see if you are:

Starving yourself by day and binging at night. It may be that it is easier to stay off food during the day when you are busy with work or home and a host of other things.

When you wind down in the evening however, hunger strikes and so acute is it, that you end up over eating, which can be fatal to a healthy diet.

It is during the day that your body needs the energy of calories to burn, not at the end of the day when you are ready for bed, because this is when the body will store all the calories in fat.

Not seeing the Sugar: You think you are drinking a ‘healthy’ juice, but what you are actually drinking is lots of sugar.

You think you are eating a ‘healthy’ snack because it claims to be ‘Low in Fat’; however this also may be packed with sugars to make it more appetizing so you are ending up consuming a lot of sugar without realizing!

Using ‘diet’ foods: You are often lulled into a false sense of security by products that claim to be diet foods; and you end up eating too much of them. End result you see no weight loss at all!