American Loses Two Thirds Of His Body Weight

American David Smith from the state of Arizona used to weigh in at over 600 pounds and was heading for a certain early death. Astonishingly after hiring a personal fitness assistant, he managed to cut his weight by over 400 pounds.

Apparently, the 31-year-old woke up one day and decided that he was tired of being obese and having to deal with the physical and social problems that being so large brings.

He said that the effort was incredible, at first walking across his bedroom was sufficient to make his breathing labored, it took months of extreme determination to even work up to a level where you could perform his exercises for more than a few minutes.

But slowly he managed to make small achievements, which have led eventually to his change of life. These improvements in his body have also led to new problems including no less than four surgeries to remove a total of 30 pounds of excess skin that was hanging from his body after the huge weight loss.

He also had to endure laser surgery performed on his eyes also related to its previous weight as well as huge amounts of dental reconstruction to repair his teeth which had all but disappeared due to the amount of sweet drinks and candy he had been consuming all his life.

He said that all this incredible effort and expense has changed his life forever and he will never return to his previous lifestyle.