A Guide to the Best Running Shoes on the Market

Choosing the right running shoes depends on what kind of running you want to do, the shape of your foot and of course whether you have any previous injuries. There’s no one right or wrong shoe, however each trainer has been specifically designed for a certain type of running, so the following is a guide to the best running shoes for each speciality area.

Road running shoes

If you’re used to running on pavement or tarmac, then a good stable shoes is advised. For speed the Nike Air Zoom range is lightweight and comfortable, and helps you run faster. Nikes are popular shoes for starters and all rounders, and are easy to pick up too. High street retailers likeDebenhams sell a range of Nike trainerssuitable for road running.

Barefoot running

The new craze of barefoot running may appeal to some runners: you wear shoes with as minimal padding as possible to mimic running without any shoes on and they are designed to let your foot run in a more natural way, preventing injury and reducing the impact to your feet. The Vibram Fivefingers are making the rounds as a popular choice, mainly because they look like a glove for your feet, but they can take some getting used to for an inexperienced runner. The Guardian recommends investing in a pair of Nike Free which are snug, bouncy, and aren’t too far removed from a normal pair of running shoes.

Trail running

For those who love running amongst the trees and the rocks, trail running can be a nice change to running the pavements of the high street or the gym. There’s a division between wearing minimal shoes, or heavy duty ones to combat the terrain, so Men’s Fitness has featured both in their round up of the best trail shoes. Featuring again are Vibrams in their Spyridon model, which has a more rugged grip and more protection against the elements, but still essentially remains a glove for your foot.  Heavy duty users will enjoy the North Face Ultra 50 GTX XCR shoes which has breathable windproof and waterproof lining, designed perfectly for the unpredictable British weather.

Long distance running

The adidas Adios shoes are often cited as being one of the best shoes for marathon and long distance running. The world record holder for the fastest marathon was wearing these shoes when he crossed the finish line, and it goes without saying that these shoes are perfect for those with the experience of long distance running and can pick up the pace when it comes to the end of the race.