9 Tricks To Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

If you’re thinking about starting a diet, now is not a good time.

While it would be great to fit into that little black dress on New Year’s Eve, there are just too many tempting treats and feasts this time of year to make weight loss a realistic goal.

Experts have reduced their estimate of the average weight gain during the holidays from about seven pounds to about one pound.

Yet that extra pound every year still adds up and does not come off, according to a study by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Since the average adult gains one to two pounds a year, much of our holiday indulgences contribute to our expanding waists over our lifetime.

You can reverse the trend by simply maintaining your weight through the holiday season. But how do you turn down that eggnog, pumpkin pie, or extra helping of stuffing?

It’s all just too good — and everyone is indulging. And then there’s the office party, and your neighbor’s annual holiday party and your family’s gathering …

A few top health experts shared their best tips and strategies for enjoying holiday fare without gaining a pound.

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