7 More Ways To Lose Weight

weightlossSure, you tried calorie restriction. But sometimes you just can’t escape eating a sweet or two.

You might exercise, but not as much as you need to.

You eat the low calorie versions of foods, but you just end up eating more of them. [Low Calorie Diet]

You take the before and after pictures, yet they never seem to change. Don’t sweat it (or do).

Weight loss is incredibly tough and some methods might not work for everyone. If you just can’t seem to melt it off, consider trying some of these other methods.

1. Tell everyone, including your family

Tell everyone that you will lose weight. Don’t just tell them that you plan on losing weight. Insist that you will lose weight. Then, you will find it all the more difficult not to lose weight.

Why? You will be afraid to lose your integrity. Plus, if you tell everyone, they will be less likely to do things that might sabotage your efforts, like bringing you junk food or sweets.

2. Lose yourself

Distract yourself while exercising. Listen to music. Watch a good movie. Play a game. Do anything that will distract you from the fact that you’re exercising. This is part of the success of the Wii.

If you zone out, you won’t notice how hard you’re working. This also works well for hunger suppression. If you’re really hungry, do something that you really enjoy. This will take your mind off the hunger.

3. Take advice from those who are thin

If you want to start a home business, ask someone who started a successful home business what they did. If you want to become a college professor, ask other college professors for advice.

The same is true for thin people. But if the person tells you that they eat whatever they want and don’t exercise, they likely have that unique physiology that allows them to lose weight easier. So instead, ask those who have to work to stay thin.

4. Eat less pasta and white bread

This surprise comes to a lot of people. Besides having carbs, white bread and pasta are utterly useless. These foods are nutrient devoid to the extent where your body does not know what to do with it until forced to burn calories.

As a result, these refined breads stick to your insides. When eating breads, stick to the most wholesome bread possible. To get your grains, eat oatmeal instead. The less refined your grains are, the better.

5. Use blue to suppress your appetite

Blue is actually an appetite suppressant. This is why blue is not found at restaurants or other food-related places.

6. Only eat if you’re willing to eat anything

When you want a specific food, you are likely suffering from a craving. Hunger only comes when you are willing to eat just about anything.

7. Avoid eating in large groups

Those who eat in large groups eat a lot more because they spend more time around the food socializing. If you have to spend a lot of time in a group, focus on talking more than eating.