6 Weight Loss Tips Without Dieting Or Too Much Exercise

hot soupHere are some interesting and amusing weight loss tips that could well work for you without having to work so very hard for them:

  1. Hot soup before every meal. This is a time honored trick to make you feel full and satiated before to start your actual meal. Also hot soup means you cannot eat fast, so that the body has time to signal satiety to the brain and you end up feeling full before you have had too much to eat.
  2. Don’t eat high calorie food before bedtime. If you have something like ice cream last thing before bedtime, it is more likely that the body will store this as fat since calorie burning decreases during sleep. Eating ice cream earlier in the day is not that detrimental.
  3. Be a city slicker. Or at least live like one. They tend to walk more and are more likely to be active during the day.
  4. Chilli pepper. This is said to have the effect of an appetite suppressant so it is recommended that have a snack laced with chilli before a meal.
  5. Cut the high calorie beverages. If you have that high calorie latte and then have a normal meal later that is translated into a lot of calories. If however you replace that latte with some solid food of the same number of calories, you will eat less during your meal.
  6. Weigh yourself once a day. This may keep you on your toes about your weight loss so to speak!

Source : US News