5 Reasons to Lose Weight Without Pills

It is a seducing thought that one can pop a pill and it will do the hard work for us and make us lose weight. While there are weight loss pills that work, there are many others that simply do not. In either case, there is a strong case to try and lose weight without pills.

Due to unhealthy side effects, ingredients that actually cause harm to the body, and many other reasons there is a strong case to lose weight without pills; the safe old fashioned way –

Lose Weight Without Pills

1. The chemical name Orlistat is given to a drug that is a lipase inhibitor and is supposed to prevent fat abruption in the intestine.

This can cause side effects such as frequent and oil bowel movements, abdominal pain, diarrhea and bloating – these are just some of the reasons to lose weight without pills.

2. Sibutramine is a formulation that is supposed to work by suppressing the body’s appetite, making you eat less and making you feel fuller by altering the brain chemistry.

Anything that claims to alter brain chemistry is a reason enough to lose weight without pills, but in fact there are other serious side effects – there may be elevated blood pressure, dry mouth, headache, altered sleep patterns and constipation as well.

3. Phentermine is another appetite suppressant that alters brain chemistry to make you feel fuller more quickly, and is yet another reason to lose weight without pills – it can cause the heart rate to increase or fluctuate, it may cause palpitations, insomnia, high blood pressure and restlessness; it could even cause nausea and induce vomiting.

4. Extreme results of weight loss pills include death by heart failure and so on, since many of these pills contain a powerful cocktail of chemicals and substances that affect people in ways that they may not comprehend.

Accidental overdose is a serious and common problem, and other reason to lose weight without pills.

5. Yet another reason to lose weight without pills is the fact that over the counter diet pills are largely unregulated – there are no compulsory reporting procedures, dosage or labeling requirements and many are sold as diet supplements and are hence not subject to the same stringent controls and standards as prescription diet drugs.

So in effect, the buying public can be misled into buying some products that may well be useless at best, and at worst actually dangerous.