4 Foods To Help You Lose Weight

If you feel you are gaining more weight every day, it may be a simple cause; your body is gaining more calories than you can burn and more than actually require.

While counting calories goes a long way to helping you lose weight, they are not the only ways to do so.

You need not go hungry to lose weight, but eating selected foods can help you shed extra pounds. Identify the foods that will most help you lose weight. Here are a few pointers to make your task easier.

1. Proteins

Poultry and fish foods are excellent sources of protein. However, be careful; try to eat in moderate quantities.

2. Vegetables

Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and celery have rich fiber content. Try to eat these vegetables whenever you feel extreme hunger. Fiber foods are not only helpful for colon cleansing, but are also a bonus in a weight loss program.

3. Fruits

Most fruits usually have a moderate GI and contain sugar in the form of fructose. They also have a high fiber content which is extremely crucial to lose weight. Avoid ripe bananas and go easy on mangoes, melons, etc. which have a high GI. Eat apples instead.

4. Dry or cooked cereals

Look for cereals with a low GI such as oatmeal. Go for brown rice instead of white rice, since brown rice has more nutrients and minerals compared with white rice.