Woman Drops Two Thirds Of Her Body Weight

The incredible weight loss of a woman named Alysson Wilson is an astounding example to all those with serious weight problems.

This woman dropped from 588 pounds to 140 pounds, losing more than two thirds of her body mass.

The final event that triggered off the drastic need to lose weight in Alysson was when she caught a glimpse of her reflection one day after she was rushed to the hospital for an asthma attack.

She was so appalled at what she saw, that she finally took the unavoidable decision to lose weight, a lot of weight, being the first woman to have lost such a huge amount of weight.

The doctors had already warned Alysson that if she did not lose weight very soon she would not survive another year.

Her problem started since her teens and grew even worse when at 27 she lost her mother.

That is when the serious eating started; she would consume enormous quantities of food, often with the excuse that she had health problems, notably asthma, to the point that she nearly doubled her initial weight.

As soon as Alysson started dieting and exercising in 2005 she lost weight, but it was still not sufficient, she was forced to go through a gastric bypass operation in 2006. Following the operation, after one year she had lost 280 pounds.

Eventually she has “stabilized” at around 140 pounds. After this incredible feat, Alysson leads a normal life once again and declares she is happy as she really made an effort, if not for herself at least for her family.