What Constitutes An Effective Diabetic Weight Loss Program?

Type 2 diabetes is so common nowadays that anybody is prone to have it. Roughly 18 million of the American population is affected by it. Actually, this is merely a nutritional disease that can be addressed by eating the right kinds of food, exercise and by following an effective diabetic weight loss program.

Lifestyle change

diabetic weight loss programTo be able to follow a diabetic weight loss program that will yield results, a lifestyle change is what you need to work on first. Say goodbye to smoking, drinking and late night activities.

We all know that these vices will not do you any good. Why waste your resources and endanger your health? Of course, eating healthy, increasing physical activities and just having the right outlook and a healthy disposition all contribute to an effective diabetic weight loss program.

Good nutrition

Foods rich in carbohydrates raise your blood sugar. It is best to take them out in your diabetic weight loss program. Instead, eat more of those that have less carbs and calories in them.

Vegetables and fruits are some of those. They are a powerhouse of nutrients that can provide you with everything that you need, less the carbs. However, watch out for lima beans, potatoes and corn for they are high on calories.

Are you banned from eating foods that have sugar on them? Of course not. A diabetic weight loss program does not exclude such in your diet. Actually, you can eat any food provided you keep your calories under control.

Forget what they say about sugar being bad for diabetics like you. It’s the lack of nutrients and fibers on sugary meals such as cakes and pastries that make your blood sugar rise faster.


Exercise is another important part of a diabetic weight loss program. As much as possible, take time to exercise. A simple walking can go a long way into bringing your blood sugar down.

On the contrary, do not over exercise yourself especially if you have just taken your medication. A combination of both can send your blood sugar crashing.

The most effective time to exercise is an hour or two after eating. Your digestive system is already finished with its own work. That way, your energy will not be depleted should you workout.

Likewise, you already have sufficient glucose to fuel your muscles because your blood sugars have been elevated from your food intake.

Behavioral changes

Diabetes is also about having the right attitude. A holistic diabetic weight loss program will require you to have certain behavioral changes. Focus on your eating habits and how you can change them.

Concentrate on your physical activities and think of how they can benefit you in getting over this disease. Resolve and make a commitment that you will stick by what you have resolved to follow.

Diabetes is a disease that we can beat. It is all about discipline and patience. Of course, prevention and cure does not happen overnight. Following a strict diabetic weight loss program will definitely spell success.