Weight Watchers New Program ProPoints to Help Lose Weight

Weight watchers has been one of the more effective and successful weight loss programs around, and its radical new program has just made it better – the famous Points system is now replaced with the new program ProPoints, that will help people lose weight even more effectively.

lose weight
Whereas earlier points were calculated based on a food’s fat content, now the ProPoints system uses updated scientific research to give an even more accurate assessment of the food you eat based on what it is made up of.

The energy contained in each of the components of the food – carbs, protein, fiber and fat – is taken into account. Also taken into account is how hard the body works to process each food, which is known as the conversion cost, as well as the satisfaction or satiety that a person derives from the food.

As an example, take a bar of chocolate and a steak – both may have the same number of kilojoules. However to digest the steak, the body works harder than it would to digest the chocolate; so more calories are burnt in the process. Also eating the steak will keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer than the chocolate; making it less likely that you will eat soon thereafter.