Weight Watcher: Program To Lose Your Weight Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods!

Weight watcherWeight watcher is a successful weight loss program. Weight watcher mainly concentrates on your balanced low fat nutrition, exercise and group counseling.

Weight watcher helps you to reduce 2-3 pounds of weight every week. In every item you take as food contain weight watchers point value depending on its nutritional content.

Weight watcher program suggests the following foods for weight loss:

Choose foods that include fruits and vegetables, grains and starches, lean meats and poultry, eggs and dairy products.

You have to enjoy the foods which will not have calories. Choose the quantity of foods that are instructed in this program.

How weight watcher works on your body weight?

Weight watcher has a minimum weight level. This protects you from gaining over weight. This weight watcher program can be followed by the people who have the weight above minimum weight level.

If you have the weight above minimum weight level, then you can establish a weight loss goal with your local weight watcher. In this program, first you to record the starting height, age and weight before starting your weight loss program.

This program will provide weekly points based upon your present weight and also to the weight which you have to reach. Weight watcher program allows you to eat depending upon your nutritional content necessary for you.

In this program, they will not stop you eating any type of foods and will not force you to take particular foods. But they will restrict in quantity of food you should take.

This diet program called south beach diet intro is used by cardiac patients. In this diet program you can take meals three times a day and you can also take snacks and desserts. Your food can also include good fats. This diet program restricts on the quantity of food you take.

Another diet in this weight loss program is Atkins diet in a nutshell. This diet will reduce your intake of carbohydrates. This reduction of carbohydrates makes the system look for the protein and fat, which burn for providing energy. This results in the loss of weight and provides slim fat.

Pros and cons of the weight watcher system:


If you skip breakfast or lunch, you cannot lose your weight. If you do like this, you will suffer from starvation and your metabolism rate slows down. This results in the storage of fat when you consume fatty food. This program helps you in balancing proper nutrition, counseling and exercise.


Weight watcher points are based on the trick. This is achieved only by taking the calories that are healthy to your body and you should take small portions of unhealthy food.

This will prevent the development of self reliance and self discipline. This is achieved through long term therapy which is expensive.

The weight watcher program provides cooking procedure and nutrition plan, which will help to lose your weight safely without doing any physical activities.