Weight Loss Surgery – New Innovations

Though weight loss surgery is seen as being the most effective means to resolve obesity, there are limitations involved in this – such as side effects and the fact that this is an invasive surgical procedure that involves scarring of the abdomen.

spider surgical toolA newly developed procedure for weight loss surgery however could help to reduce the invasive nature of this surgery.

A tool much like a spider has been developed – which helps the doctor perform the surgery without the usual incision that is required to perform it.

Here a small hole is made in the belly button, to permit the tool access to the portion of the stomach whose capacity is to be surgically reduced. Once inserted, the tool expands much like an umbrella – it has a camera build into it, and also the surgical and suturing tools required to perform the surgery.

The TOGA system also is a less invasive bariatric procedure that could soon become available subject to FDA approval. This is performed by inserting an endoscope through the mouth and down into the stomach – portions of the stomach are then stapled to reduce its capacity.