Weight Loss Success Stories: 6 Women Who Did It

For many of us who have struggled with excess weight for so long and who have tried all sorts of different ways and means to lose weight, thing can seem hopeless. But there are weight loss success stories of women who did it; overcoming all odds and seemingly achieving the impossible.

These success stories may be just the thing to encourage you and inspire you to craft your own weight loss success story. Maybe listening to success stories of women who lost weight will give you the courage to turn around your own life, and to achieve the self confidence and self esteem that you look for. We look at some weight loss success stories of women who did it:

Weight Loss Success Stories

1. Jennifer Leonard

Jennifer Leonard was severely obese at a whopping436 pounds from a lifetime of eating unhealthy. But feeling out of breath and tired just by doing normal stuff when just in her mid 30’s made her realize that she had to make a change in the interests of her own health.

She began with simply keeping track of everything she ate, and then she started to cut out the fried and sweet stuff, replacing this with fruit and veg. She then added exercise and kept herself motivated. She went on to lose 293 pounds in all making her one of the most inspiring weight losssuccess stories of women.

2. Shanda Means

Shanda Means was not one who struggled with weigh all her life. It was pregnancy and childbirththat caused the weight to creep up and before she knew it she had ballooned to 277 pounds. She tried all sorts of different diets but it was Weight Watchers that finally worked for her. Losing 100 pounds, she also dropped 12 dress sizes and has been able to maintain her weight loss since by makinglifestyle changes.

3. Jennifer Eisenbarth

Jennifer Eisenbarth is another one of the weight loss success stories of women, but with a different motivation: it was the reality show The Biggest Loser that taught her to eat till she was satisfied and not stuffed. She lost 138 pounds in all.

4. Logan Stringfellow

Logan Stringfellow lost a whopping 85 pounds by making small changes to her life. Junk food and motherhood had taken a toll, taking her weight up to 230 pounds. Small exercise goals, giving up soda, not eating after 6.30, these were all the small changes that helped her become one of the weight loss success stories of women.

5. Cindy Tarantino

Cindy Tarantino lost 90 pounds by getting on to an exercise bike and getting into spinning. Her initialweight loss happened without any kind of dieting, and then when she altered her eating habits, she went on to lose even more weight.

6. Michelle Vinson

Michelle Vinson is another one of the weight loss success stories of women who inspire as she went from 316 to 148 pounds. Michelle ate when bored and was on some or other diet since Grade 3. Atkins helped her lose 50 pounds but it wasn’t something she could sustain. A company weight losscompetition saw her at the gym and when she ran a mile she was amazed at how good she felt!