3 Effective Weight Loss Plans for Vegetarians

Losing weight is one of the prime concerns for most of the people, irrespective of gender or age as most of the health disorders are invited due to obesity and unwanted pounds. Losing weight is not an impossible task but a bit challenging; especially if you are a vegetarian.

Dedication, motivation, hard work and the right diet plan can also be executed in a vegan lifestyle and shed those kilos. If you have tried out all possible measures with your vegetarian dishes and yet failed to get the desired body weight, consider the plan discussed below and you are sure to gain a perfect shape within a couple of weeks.

These weight loss plans not only aim at losing weight but also maintains a proportionate and slim body in long run. The basic bottom line is to include the essential nutrients in your diet and boost up the metabolic rate. Vegetarian diets are in fact considered as the healthiest and the fastest way to lose weight.

weight loss plans for vegetarians

Fruit and Vegetable Punch Diet for a Week

In this plan, you have to avoid all kinds of cravings and consume only fruits (except grapes, litchi, banana, mangoes etc) as much as you want. Opt for apples, oranges, pomegranates, watermelon, strawberries and melons.

Eventually after 2 days shift to only vegetables that are either raw or boiled; a teaspoon of butter is allowed per day along with pinch of basil or oregano seasoning. Again after two days combine fruits and vegetables in your diet solely. Drink at least 3 litres of water every day and only 4 glasses of milk on the fourth day.

On the fifth and sixth day you can pamper yourself with a grand lunch including sprouts, tomatoes, cottage cheese delicacies, soya chunks. On the last day of this diet plan you need to have only fresh fruit juice, half chapatti or a cup of brown rice. This weight loss plan is the most effective one for vegans that can be easily achieved in a week and is not too rigid as well.

The Right Type of Exercise

Apart from just diet, weight loss plans also include the right type of physical exercise. Get indulged into an aerobic exercise program and also a weight-lifting program. The primary set of exercises for first 2 weeks would be 15 minutes of treadmill run, 10 minutes of jogging and another 10 minutes for free hand exercises for weight loss! You will actually have to work up to lose the fat.

Muscle burns fat; however before starting to lift weights, take advice from a professional and do it the right way instead of hurting yourself. Swimming is another excellent exercise for weight loss and also staying fit and flexible.

Nuts and Seeds Weight Loss Plan

For vegans, the foods are quite limited and restrictions on them can lead to nutrient deficiencies. Thus, some weight loss plans also make you add to your diet instead of subtracting items. Nuts and Seeds, Yes you can lose significant weight if these two compounds are selected correctly and consumed regularly.

Since nuts and seeds are abundant in proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins, they will give you the right nutrition for your body. They also have fatty acids, but those are the essential healthy fats. Opt for Flaxseeds, Almonds, Sesame seeds, Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds, Peanuts, and Pumpkin Seeds. Half cup of any of these seeds and nuts each day will keep you in perfect shape. This practice will not only keep your heart healthy but also reduce cholesterol, improve brain functioning and strengthen bones.

Few Tips for Vegetarian Weight Loss Regimes –

  • Start your day with lemon juice and a pinch of honey in lukewarm water.
  • Select skimmed milk, brown bread, oatmeals, fruit salads, or an English breakfast to check on calories.
  • 4 cups of green tea everyday
  • Loads and loads of water; it keeps you full and helps to control unwanted cravings.

These weight loss plans are immensely effective even if you are a vegetarian and would surely get the desired body weight within few weeks if followed with dedication.