Virtual Gastric Band For Weight Loss

The story that is creating buzz among the Twitterati these days is Slim Trance, which is the use of mind over matter to achieve weight loss. This write up talks about a VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND that helped people lose an average of 9 inches in just 5 weeks.

The idea is that the subconscious mind will not allow the body to over-eat. This is a weight loss program devised by Hypnotist Sheila Granger which includes simple rules like –reducing portion sizes, exercising and listening daily to a supporting hypnotherapy CD. She claims to have had 99% success with her program.

The benefits of this procedure according to Claire Hegarty are many:

“1. With Virtual Gastric Bands (Gastric Band Hypnotherapy) or (Hypnotic Gastric Band) there are No Invasive Surgery
2. No fears about having surgery to have a Gastric Band Fitted
3. No Discomfort with having a virtual Gastric Band
4. Virtual Gastric Bands are much more cost effective
5. No Time off work with a Virtual Gastric Band fitted
6. No Gastric Bands Complications with Surgery