The Poundpuncher To Keep You On The Weight Loss Track

Is that target weight weighing you down, does it all seem too difficult and do you perhaps need just that little bit of help to concentrate on your weight loss goals?

Then perhaps you need to look at the PoundPuncher, a rubber bracelet with five holes in it, labeled “2,” “4,” “6,” “8” and “10.” Every time you lose 2 pounds, you move the button up another notch. When you pass 10 pounds, you start over.

It is something that helps to keep you focused on the small gains that end up making you achieve your long term goals. As one use puts it, “I knew what I could do is take control of every day and every week, That’s when I said I needed something that constantly gave me hope, constantly told me to go to the next level.” The PoundPuncher may be just the thing you need, perhaps?