The Kevin Trudeau Weight Loss Program – Will You Lose Weight Or Money?

There are a lot of conflicting stories floating around, about Kevin Trudeau. While on the one hand you will likely encounter glowing testimonials from people who swear allegiance to the program saying they have lost big amounts of weight and have successfully kept it off, on the other hand you read about the man being convicted felon involved in a number of civil suits and misdemeanors.

Yes there have been convictions, fines levied and jail time served but is there anything to his claim; Natural Cures “They” Don’t want you to Know about?

Trudeau claims to offer ‘natural’ cures for everything from obesity, heart disease, AIDS, arthritis, cancer, diabetes and herpes to chronic fatigue syndrome, attention deficit disorder and muscular dystrophy.

Supposedly there are manufacturers and drug companies who don’t want you to get better and be healthy. His book tells you how to use his non drug, non surgical tips for great health. Supposedly by following his advice, you never get sick.

The book recommends a number of different things: an Electromagnetic “Chaos Eliminator” which will apparently cure you of migraine. The magnetic mattress pad will supposedly cure Multiple Sclerosis, and a trampoline will help prevent depression and wearing white will improve your mood and prevent disease.

Trudeau also claimed to present a revolutionary weight loss technique that will help a person lose all the weight they want. The government has intervened on a number of occasions to stop him from making his misleading claims and selling his products via his infomercials, so he then turned to writing and selling books.

Books come within the ambit of free speech so that the government cannot ban him from making infomercials about those and selling them.

The book then leads you to his website that gets people to part with money for more of his ‘advice’ or a lifetime membership (for about $500). Trudeau plays upon people’s belief that the drug companies are bad and that they want people to be sick so that they can sell more products in collusion with the government. There may be something to that, but the bottom line is should you waste time and money on buying and reading Trudeau’s books and other products?

Well according to one expert, 10% of his books are common sense; the other 90% is pure quackery. People have actually suffered additional health problems, money loss, and have claimed to been cheated. So as a final caution, you may want to read the book for information contained, but be skeptical and be very, very careful !