The Inspiring Story Of A Family’s Struggle With Weight Loss

No one said weight loss and consequently keeping the weight off was easy and the story of Paris Woods as chronicled by is a case in point.

This is the story of a regular American teen, who, like one third of all teenagers in the country is overweight.

Paris became part of an intensive experiment wherein she would keep her weight from ballooning with the help of a nutritionist, exercise trainer and doctor.  All this would require considerable commitment from her as well as major lifestyle changes.

The ups and downs she faces are frankly recoded in the write up and make for edifying reading. There is also reference to the fact that TV shows like Biggest Loser Wins alters people’s perception of obesity; making them think that they or their children are not obese when in fact they are!

Some important lessons learnt through the program were:

  • Meat is not necessary for dinner; just veggies are OK
  • The importance of health
  • That WE are in control of our health
  • There is a need to work hard at it every day if we are to succeed!
  • You have to believe you can!