The Gastric Mind Band – Weight Loss Without The Surgery

Gastric banding or stomach stapling and a variety of bariatric surgeries have become common place in today’s obese world, but for those who are reluctant to go under the knife for whatever reason, here is another option  – The Gastric Mind Band.

gastric mind bandThis is a treatment that now has a 6 month waiting list and involves no actual surgery at all – what goes on is all in the patient’s mind – done though hypnosis. The process involves hypnotizing a person into believing that they have a gastric band fitted, and having the body respond accordingly.

It has obvious benefits, it is a lot cheaper than the actual surgery and obviously since there is no surgery, there are no risks associated with the procedure.

What is also included in the program is Behavior Therapy that is conducted to explain to the person what triggers their eating and to resist temptation. There is then a hypnosis session that is the Gastric Band Hypnosis Session which includes proper sound effects as well. But does it really work?

Well 37 year old Maryann, who struggled with her weight most of her life, says it does – she lost 120 pounds in about ten months and according to her, the weight simply seemed to melt off.