Self Hypnosis – Can It Help To Lose Weight?

We have spoken before about hypnosis as an aid to lose weight; to take that discussion further, is it possible to actually use self hypnosis to lose weight?

Many have in fact found that they are able to see actual results by using self hypnosis as a weight loss tool. In fact it has been found that self hypnosis is useful in helping people not only with weight loss but also with giving up smoking, improving sporting skills, building self confidence, stopping blushing, anger and stress management, conquering insomnia etc.

So how can self hypnosis help one lose weight?

Self hypnosis has been seen to work by helping a person end their struggle with food: it can help alter the way a person thinks about food, and can even make one enjoy exercising.

It can help to stop the cravings that cause a person to overindulge by letting the individual access resources of their own mind. The skills and motivation to get to a healthy weight can be achieved through self hypnosis.

Unless there is a physiological problem that is causing weight gain or preventing weight loss there is only one other reason that weight loss cannot happen and that is the inability to create a caloric deficit.

So by self hypnosis you can get in touch with the part of your mind that will help you to make the kind of changes that will create that caloric deficit. Strength of will and purpose can result.

So how can a person hypnotize themselves?

Obviously this is the very next question one may ask. There are many online resources such as the hypnosis downloads site which offers files in MP3 format, training worksheet and hypnosis exercises to start you off on the road to self hypnosis.

One lesson is sent every two days and training sessions are supported by audio hypnosis where an MP3 file is streamed to you. Through this method, one can help to overcome a number of food and weight related problems that one may have:

  • You know what they say, it’s important to ‘Think thin’ if you want to be thin. So you have been guided by self hypnosis to think thin.
  • Any weight loss expert will tell you that one key factor to weight loss is motivation, and self hypnosis can help you with building motivation to do what is required to stick to a plan.
  • If one finds they are guilty of binging or have a sweet tooth, this can help to be controlled as well.