Rice Diet Plan To Lose Extra Weight And Improve Health!

rice dietMost of you when hear the word “rice diet plan”, obviously think that you need to add more and more amounts of rice in your regular diet plan.

In fact, an exact rice diet solution is to severely limit the sugar, fat and salt content and also all kinds of processed foods in your daily routine.

A perfect rice diet solution can mainly include a very low calorie [Low calorie diet], low sodium, low fat [Low fat diet], low sugar and high-complex carbohydrates, which not only help you in your weight loss program, but also help you to reverse various chronic diseases.

Rice diet program is rather different from other fad diets!

The rice diet program is not designed like other trendy diets, which will generally come and go. Rather, it is mainly developed into an absolute, proven and well appreciated program, which can greatly help you in improving health and also to lose extra weight of your body.

In addition to meals that are included in the rice diet plan, this program mainly involves various stress management and body workouts in order to maintain better health.

Various phases in rice diet program!

First phase:

On day 1, you have to include basic rice diet with 800 calories and 50 mg of sodium. This basic rice diet solution can mainly include 2 starches and 2 fruits at breakfast, lunch and also in dinner.

Then for the next 6 days, your diet must include lacto vegetarian rice diet with 1000 calories and 300 mg of sodium. In this diet plan, you have to include mainly 1 starch and 1 fruit and also 1 non-fat dairy product in your breakfast. 3 starches and 3 vegetables and also 1 fruit must be included at your lunch and dinner time.

Second phase:

In the second phase of your rice diet plan, on day 1, you must follow the same basic rice diet plan and for the next 5 days with lacto vegetarian rice diet. On day 7 try to follow vegetarian plus rice diet in which you have to consume 1200 calories per day and also 500mg of sodium.

Your vegetarian plus rice diet must include 2 starches, 1 fruit at your breakfast, 3 starches, 3 vegetables and 1 fruit in your lunch and in your dinner, 3 starches, 3 vegetables, 3 protein products and also 1 fruit.

Third phase:

Maintain the same plan as that of phase 2 by simply adding 200 more calories per week, until you get the desired weight loss.

On day 1: Basic rice diet

Next 4 days: Lacto vegetarian rice diet.

For next 2 days: Vegetarian plus rice diet.

So, before trying this particular rice diet plan for your weight loss, try to consult your general physician or any dietician to get better advice. Try to discuss about your health condition and confirm whether this particular diet plan is suitable for you or not and then try to consider necessary dietary changes in your regular diet.