Only Surgery Will Help And Not Diet, Says Weight Loss Expert

According to Professor Nick Finer, professor of obesity medicine at University College London, the only solution to severe weight problems is surgery; that dieting is of no real use.

weight loss surgeryThe professor explains why it is that our body ‘accepts’ extra weight that we put on. It counters any losses by quickly re-compensating this loss with weight gain. He terms as ‘irrelevant’, the long term weight loss among obese adults, which is only about 2 to 3 %.

As to why dieting is ultimately pointless, the explanation given is – human evolution was such that it made provision for periods of unpredictable scarcity by guarding fat stores within the body and maintain them at all costs.

The nervous and hormonal systems of the body adapt to increased weight and treat it as ‘normal’ when people put on weight. In modern times, there is no scarcity, food is plentiful, and this is why people find it so hard to eat less and lose weight.

For this reason, it is the professor’s considered opinion that dieting is just not the answer and that new ways have to be adopted for tackling obesity. It is his view that a network of fat clinics ought to be set up, to carry out “a mass program of gastric bypass surgery.”