Yoga for Weight Loss and More

The concept of yoga for weight loss is not a very clearly understood one – yoga tends to be equated more with toning, mind body control, meditation, improved flexibility and balance, and so on.

However it has to be understood that there are different types of yoga and you can make use ofyoga for weight loss, when it is able to raise your heart rate to a point where the body burns calories.


Traditional forms of yoga propounded by some kinds of traditional asanas or poses which require one pose to be retained for a considerable length of time and then several pauses to punctuate the process of the yoga workout, may not be effectiveyoga for weight loss.

However, if such a workout is performed in conjunction with aerobic exercise, running, cycling, swimming and so on, then this yoga could contribute to weight loss. Iyengar Yoga, which is more oriented towards curing ailments and disorders may not be effective for weight loss for instance.

However there are also other kinds of yoga to lose weight such as –

  • Bikram yoga is a fast paced form of exercise that is performed indoors with under regulated temperatures and is currently a very popular form of exercise.  This is effective yoga for weight lossnot only because it is faster paced but also because the temperatures are kept high enough to induce sweating and thermogenic weight loss.
  • Hot yoga or Vinyasa is another effective kind of yoga for weight loss since it is able to raise body temperatures and also help the heart to beat faster inducting calorie loss and fat burning.
  • Ashtanga is also effective yoga for weight loss and once this form of yoga is learned, it can be practiced at home.
  • Power yoga is a western concept that adds a number of cardiovascular elements to traditional yoga postures so that the workout is altogether more strenuous and physically taxing. This is one of the most popular forms of yoga for weight loss, particularly in the west.

There is yet another way in which yoga for weight loss works – yoga can greatly aid relaxation andreduce stress for the person who practices it. This can mean that the person actually is benefited physically by the reduced stress, and hormonal changes within the body mean that the person will be able to lose more weight more effectively.

Lowering stress also has the added benefit of curbing mindless or nervous eating and this is another way in which yoga for weight loss works.