The Obesity-Inactivity Link questioned

If you thought that it was something of a no brainer that obesity is caused by inactivity, think again. Researchers are trying to debunk the long held belief and are challenging the notion that inactivity in children leads to obesity.

child obesityAccording to the study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, it is actually the other way around –it is obesity that is the cause of inactivity.

The researchers of the study also seek to challenge the emphasis placed on exercise in curbing childhood obesity and called or more focus to be placed on diet instead.

It is not the contention of the researchers that exercise is not good for the children nor is there any disagreement as regards the connection between obesity and inactivity. But the researchers do question its value for tackling obesity.

The study found that more physical activity did not seem to have any effect on the weight of children; rather it was found that those children who put on weight were seen to do less exercise. The more the body fat percentage of a child, the less time he or she was likely to spend doing moderate or vigorous exercise. This adds up over time.