The Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Story

Jennifer Hudson shot to fame with her stint at the TV show the America Idol, and then went on to a dream film and music career, winning both an Oscar Award as well as a Grammy.

Known for being unashamedly proud of her curves, she has recently regained the spotlight for having shed a considerable amount of weight.

Having had a baby recently, the singer/actor had put on some weight; she had also put on 20 pounds for the movie Dreamgirls, which she decided to lose.

Making a determined effort she has lost her baby weight and now wants to tell the world how she did it. Her story has proved to be inspirational for many.

Natural and Healthy

She made a choice to go with the Weight Watchers’ Program since she thought it was healthy and natural. She learned how to follow a plan from her leader in the program. With a busy and hectic schedule, she learned afresh, how to be eating real food in the real world!

While she expected that many foods would be struck off her list of what was allowed and what wasn’t, she was surprised to learn that there was really a lot of stuff that was not stuck off the list.

It was then that she realized that it wasn’t so much what she ate as how much she ate! She realized that her issue was quantity or portions rather than the type of food she ate.

She also realized that there is no need to be miserable about working towards weight loss; it is possible to eat what you love as long as you stick to the plan. Hudson is now a brand ambassador for Weight Watchers and advises people to just try it for a week: “You’ll be hooked,” she says.

Lifestyle Change

Though comfortable with her earlier weight she decided to set a healthy example for her son, David Daniel Otunga, Jr. born in August 2009 by making some healthful changes in her life.

She stresses that it is not the diet that is required to make a change and a permanent change at that. What is required is a lifestyle change that will make the difference.

Hudson has a list of songs that she says helps and inspires her to workout, giving her energy. Her song list includes numbers such as You Put a Move on My Heart which is her own song, I Choose You by Ryan Leslie, You’ve got what it takes by Michael Buble. More of her song list and her own story can be accessed here.