The Drew Carey Weight Loss Story – Losing 80 Pounds, 10 Sizes And Diabetes As Well

The TV actor who has kept us all in splits with The Drew Carey Show and with his inimitable style of compeering the TV game show Whose line is it Anyway, has lost not just weight, but also 10 clothing sizes along with it. The icing on the cake is the fact that he has also managed to get rid of his Diabetes!

drew carey weight loss storyDrew Carey not only has a new gig now with The Price Is Right, but also has a brand new body and the Drew Carey weight loss story is proving to be inspirational for many.

Carey just got sick of seeing how fat he looked on TV and decided to do something about it. How did he do it?

  • He started to watch what he put in his mouth
  • Banned bread and other carbs from his diet
  • Added strenuous workout schedule – 45 minutes of cardio a day, six times a week

His losing 80 pounds has also resulted in averting a serious disease like diabetes. He no longer needs medication to keep his diabetes under control.

Reversing diabetes is in itself a huge feat; now if he can keep the weight off and his clothing size constant, that will be the real achievement!