Top 6 Effective and Natural Tips to Lose Weight Faster

When weight loss is your concern, you would definitely want it to happen as soon as possible. Be it through crash dieting, vigorous exercise regime or popping up weight loss pills – most people want to see results fast but there are few who actually think about the side effects and consequences of such drastic weight loss.

However, good news is that you can also lose weight fast in a completely natural and safe way, for this you have to be well aware of the methods and follow it meticulously. No need to use potentially dangerous supplements or drugs; instead just make small changes to your diet and boost up your exercise program with the right moves. Here are some really effective and useful tips to safely and naturally speed up weight loss –

natural tips to lose weight faster

Learn the Difference Between Long Term and Short Term Weight Loss

In short-term weight loss, the results can be felt just within few days or weeks and it is mainly water loss and not fat. In this type, the methods involved are fasting and very low-calorie diets, but this might not have long term effect as weight gets back to normal once regular diet is consumed. In long-term weight loss, you need to have both low-calorie diet and uniformed exercise plan. In this method, the effects are seen for more days since fat loss is involved. It takes time but the desired weight is retained.

Accelerate your Metabolism

Better metabolism can burn calories more efficiently. Metabolism is a process where the food is converted into energy; you can increase the speed of weight loss by increasing the metabolism rate. Although, metabolism factors depend on body chemistry and genetics, but diet and exercise patterns do change metabolism rates.

Plan Out a Complete Exercise Regime

Doing the regular machine exercises in gym might not be that helpful if you are looking out for fast effects. Talk to a physical trainer and combine aerobic exercise, strength training and interval training to speed up weight loss. Aerobics increase the heart rate and burn calories (especially swimming, walking, running and biking).

Interval training means it will be a mix of moderate work out stretches and high-intensity exercise to boost up the metabolic rate. In strength training, muscles contract and burn out more energy, thereby increasing muscle mass and boosting metabolism as well. Work outs should be done on regular basis, keep altering the regime after every month as your every muscle gets toned.

Follow the Right Diet, not ‘Harsh’ One

The proper kind of dietary changes can be advised by a dietician only as everybody has different needs. Take fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibre content and keep you full for almost 6-7 hours without adding up calories. Make sure you are including all nutrient needs in your diet but at moderate quantities.

Green tea has proved magical in weight loss programs. It has effective thermogenic ingredients to boost metabolism safely and also naturally. Many people dry green tea leaves and add them to sandwiches, salads, and marinades. Increase the intake of lean protein like eggs, chicken, skim milk, turkey and low fat cheese.

Water, Plenty of it

It is a difficult habit to make but you can surely do it consciously. Water increases metabolism and you will surely lose at least 2-3 kgs a month by solely increasing water intake. The ideal measurement is drinking 8 glasses of water every day at regular intervals. It keeps you full, no calories, and gives you energy.

Start Going to Sauna and Steam Rooms

This is again one effective way to shed pounds quickly. The sweat glands need energy to let out the sweat and thus you start losing the toxins and fat as well.

Follow the above mention safe tips to lose weight fast and naturally – you need to be dedicated, patient and sincere while following all the above measures.