Can You Believe There Are Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight?

vitamin cThere are actually foods out there that can and will help you to lose weight.

You can think of the obvious foods such as fibers and proteins since these types of foods will keep you full but there are also many other types of foods that will help to stop your cravings and actually help you to curb your appetite.

Start your day with a cup of hot green tea or a glass of cold, iced green tea. Green tea has antioxidants in it, which actually aid the body in fat burning as well as help speed up your metabolism.

Try to incorporate beans into your diet every day. Beans have a hormone in them that is actually a natural appetite suppressant. And beans also have been known to help you keep your blood sugar levels at an even place so you are not having cravings throughout the day.

Incorporate beans that are high-fiber to your diet because not only will they help you to stay full and eat less but they can also help promote lower cholesterol levels.

You knew salad would appear on a ‘help you lose weight’ list but you may not actually know the real reason why salad can help you to lose weight.

The reason salad can help you to lose weight is because if you eat a salad before your actual meal you will be fuller faster and eat less of your actual meal.

Of course you can’t counteract all this hard work and dedication to losing weight by putting ranch salad dressing on that salad. Also, salad eaters have been known to have higher levels of Vitamins C and Vitamins E as well as carotenoids and lycopene.

Carotenoids and Lycopene are disease fighters so you get a double bonus for eating salad before your meal.

Along with that cup of green tea in the morning have some eggs for breakfast. Eggs are completely chock-full of protein and will keep you feeling fuller longer than a bowl of cereal or bagel. Not to mention eggs are much less fattening than that bagel with cream cheese.

And along with that pre-meal salad why not indulge in a pre-meal cup of soup? Why? Because soup does the exact same thing salad does, it fills you up so you will eat less of your actual lunch. And soup rarely has that many calories so you are good to go in the calorie department.