Male Weight Loss Programs – It’s Not Just About Bodybuilding Anymore

male weight loss programsThis article raises a very valid point about weight loss among men and the changing focus of male weight loss.

Earlier it wasn’t really manly or macho to care about one’s looks, or to worry about how good or bad a guy looked without his shirt on.

If the men went to the gym it was to put on muscle to try and work out and away from the concept of the archetypal 98 pound weakling.

It was perhaps the start of a trend when NutriSystem roped in Dan Marino to endorse their diet products. If a Hall of Fame NFL quarterback was talking about weight loss, then surely it was OK for lesser mortals to think about it?

Now Jason Alexander, who has long been TV’s favorite funny man and pudgy guy is also talking about weight loss. Here the whole concept of male weight loss is taken to another level; it goes beyond wanting to pack of the muscle, beyond getting fit for health. It is now more about looking good.

It is a quest to shed the pounds in order to look good; long considered a female pursuit; that now has infected men as well. Whatever the reason, if more men want to get fit now; so much the better!