Losing Weight and Keeping It off – We May Be Doing Better than We Think

Losing weight and then putting it all back on – it seems rather hopeless for a lot of us; and it seems to be the same for so many others as well. However a recent study published in the International Journal of Obesity, shows that people may be better at keeping off the weight than previously believed.

losing weight

A large scale survey revealed that among overweight people who lost weight, as many as 36.5% managed to keep 5% of it off for at least a year. And what is also surprising is that the most successful in keeping off the weight were women, older adults and certain demographics such as Hispanics, and those who had relatively less education.

On the other hand it was seen that those who were married or were in a long term relationship were likely to be more successful at maintaining their weight loss.

Also surprising is that those people who said their health was overall not great showed better maintenance of their weight loss – also 69% of those people reported that their weight loss was intentional and not incidental .

While this is all heartening and encouraging, Americans still have a long way to go when it comes to weight loss and controlling obesity levels.