Liquid Weight Loss Diet For Achieving Short Term Weight Loss!

Liquid weight loss dietLiquid weight loss diet is the diet which includes balanced nutritional shake, which is made with skimmed milk and sugar.

Liquid weight loss diet is the source of vitamins, fiber, sweetener and minerals.

Certain amount of solid food is allowed to eat in liquid weight loss diet plans.

In liquid weight loss diet, there are two types.

Meal replacement plans or low calorie liquid diet plan 1:

If you follow this type of liquid weight loss diet, then you will be provided with 500-800 calories per day.

This type of liquid weight loss diet consists of meal replacements which are medically supervised. If you continue this diet, then you can include some amount of solid food.

Liquid weight loss diet is generally for short term only, as you can lose your weight quickly. This type of liquid weight loss diet is suggested for seriously stout people.

Meal replacement plans or low calorie liquid diet plan 2:

In this diet plan, instead of one or two regular daily meals, you have to take liquid meal replacements. You can also consume real food with low fat or low calories for one or two meals. You can achieve rapid weight loss by following this type of diet.

  • For one day, this diet provides you 500 calories with 5 shakes and 200 calories from real meal. So, it offers you 700 calories.
  • Commercial meal replacement plan provides you 3 shakes. 200 calories are offered by each of these shakes and 600 calories from evening meal. So, totally it offers you 1200 calories.

Some of the drawbacks with this liquid weight loss diet are as follows:

  • Following liquid weight loss diet (each day 500-800 calories) usually provides you little fiber with lack of antioxidants. You will have lower resistance to diseases as these are found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Unless this diet is medically supervised, it is unsafe as this diet has low calorie content.
  • By following liquid weight loss diet, within 3 years you can expect regain of 75% of the lost weight.
  • The commercial liquid diet is healthier as this weight loss plan combine liquid meals with real foods which are high in nutrients and calories.

The treatment taken with liquid diet for extreme obese can be initially successful, but must be monitored by a physician for any negative side effects. To maintain the weight loss, this type of approach will not provide you necessary requirements for healthy eating.

This diet will not provide you needed nutrients to maintain adequate energy levels. You can achieve short term weight loss, but gradually if you eliminate protein shake from your diet; your pounds tend to be regained.