Kirstie Alley To Be Part Of Reality Show

kirstey alleyThe poster child for what not to do for weight loss, Kirstie Alley, who has had a long, and very public battle with her weight over the years is going the logical way that all celebs do at some or other point: the Reality TV way.

The star of the popular Look who’s talking film and the long running sitcom Cheers has been in and out of the news for her various trials and tribulations on the path to and from weight loss. She has in turn laughed and cried, not hesitating to laugh at herself by way of her 2005 Showtime comedy Fat Actress.

The new series will be called Kirstie Alley’s Big Life and will be not unlike The Biggest Loser and will document her weight loss journey and her attempt to fight the flab. Alley agreed to do the TV project, quite simply because according to her, “I hate being fat.”

The show ought to be interesting with a subject as forthright and unselfconscious as Kirstie Alley has repeatedly shown herself to be. It should also be instructive in terms of things we can each do to put our bodies in order and to lose the weight that we have to.

Source: L A Times