If You Need To Sweat Try the Insanity Workout

Everybody knows that sweating is not something that people normally look forward to. Not unless you are exercising. In that case, sweating is something that you definitely want to do! But why? Well, simply put, because it means that you are burning up calories.

You see, sweating is a way that our bodies regulate their temperatures. When your body temperature rises ups because you are exercising, your body starts releasing this fluid in order to cool yourself down. Between two million and five million sweat glands all over bodies (well, almost all over) do the job of lowering our temperature.

So we could say that it is cool to sweat. And men can sweat between eighteen to forty percent more than women. But that doesn’t mean men are cooler than women, it just means they are bigger. So even if you do not like sweating, it really is something to look forward (when working out, of course). Burning up calories has a very well documented effect on losing weight. Losing weight has a very well documented effect on how good most people look. And of course looking good is proven to help people feel good. So, in other words, sweating makes you look good. At leastsweating when working out does.

If you really want to get your body temperature up and start sweating, the best kind of exercise you can do is cardio. Cardio shoots your heart rate up, your temperature goes up too, and the calorie count goes up too. And the Insanity 60 Day workout program has workouts called “Cardio Power & Resistance”, “ Pure Cardio”, “Cardio Abs”, “Core Cardio”, amongst others that will no doubt make you sweat, burn calories, look good and in the end just feel good about sweating you’ll want to do it all over again and sweat it out into the body that you want.